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Attorney General Terry Goddard
gives advice to parents and
children about safe Internet use.
"Kids no longer need muscles to
bully and torment their peers.
Young people can use Web sites,
smart phone, text messaging and
other cyberspace options to
harass, threaten or ridicule." He
also points out that children need
protection from Internet predators.
He invites parents to take a look at
the free Internet monitoring
service provided by the National
Crime Prevention Council.

Free Internet Monitoring Service
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K-12 Accident insurance plan can
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2nd Quarter Awards
Soccer by Chastity Dominguez

Congratulations to all Topock kids who played soccer in the American
Youth Soccer Organization! I'll start with the U12/14 division.  Colby
Arreola  and Serenity Pool's team,  coached by Matthew Dominguez,
took first place. Take a bow Mustards!  Melissa Woodruff's  team,  
coached by Tommy Booth,  received second.  Good job Orange Fury!  
Andrew Chance’s team,  coached by Eric Breaux,  got third.  Nice effort
Monstrous Energy!

In the U10 division, Sam Evans and JJ Luken's team coached by
Cindy Cunningham,  snagged first. Way to go Orange Kickers!  Megan
Burns and Christopher Dominguez's  team , coached by Matthew
Dominguez,  acquired second.  Superb, Green Monsters!  Carlos
Cleveland  and Kyle Horn’s  team, coached by Matt Smith,  procured
third.  Nice job Bulldogs!  Gavin  Robins and Colby Gustafson's  team,
coached by Robert Rockwood,  came in fourth.  You tried hard Blue

In the divisions that follow everyone plays; everyone wins. Bravo to you
all!  In the U8 division Abbry Castillo was  on the Inglorious Smurfs
coached by Luis Valdez. The Topock Firecrackers were coached by
Jamie Gustafson and his lovely assistant Corrie Sahlstrom. The
players were  Kalyn Morales , Shalyn Morales , Logan Evans , Hailey
Burns, Wyatt Zercher, Kendra Lukens, Payton Sahlstrom, Abby  
Gustafson , Nina  Dowling , Dyron Miller,  Dage Langdoc  and Kevin
Chance.  In the U5 division were Jared Breaux on the Blue Sharks
coached by Stacy Starr, and  Dylan Castillo , Makenna Castillo  and
Mino Diaz on the Fierce Pumpkins,  coached by Belarmino Diaz. Keep
up all the hard work, and thanks for a magnificent soccer season.  You
are all shining stars, and you make your school proud.  

by Kym Dowling

The Colorado River Conference Pop Warner season just came to a
close.  Our local organization, The River Valley Vipers, had an
outstanding season.  Topock Junior High School students Bradley
Thornton, Alex Dowling and Kolby Dowling represented our school
This was Alex and Bradley’s last year in Pop Warner,  and they are
both looking forward to playing football in high school.  They played in
the Midget division. This  was a season of big wins, big losses and
character building moments.  Bradley contributed positive yards on
offense at wide receiver with impressive receptions that he turned into
big gains.  On the other side of the ball, he was a force to be reckoned
with, getting some big sacks and an interception.  Alex stepped up this
year to be a team leader.  He left everything on the field playing through
an injury and inspiring his team to stay in the game even when things
looked bleak. Alex ran for five touchdowns at half back, seldom being
brought down by less than two opponents.  He ran the field on
defense and had numerous sacks and tackles at outside linebacker.
Kolby played in the Pee Wee division,  and his team was in contention
for first place the whole season, ending up in second by a narrow
margin.  Kolby played right guard and right tackle on offense . His
team could count on him blowing through the defense providing huge
holes for the backs to run through.  Kolby was a beast on defense at
outside linebacker and DB.  He caused fumbles, got an interception,
had several sacks and was in on a ton of tackles.  Kolby’s team
participated in the River Bowl, an invitational bowl game hosted by our
local conference.  They played Las Alamitos and were one of the few
local teams to beat an opponent from California.  It was an exciting
game and they ended up winning big!
Football season begins in August, the same week as school, with the
kids practicing during the hottest part of the year.  They have to balance
their academic responsibilities with an intense practice schedule.  
Alex and Kolby were on the “A” honor roll during this year’s football
season.  Bradley, Alex and Kolby are young men of character whose
values have been refined by their families, school, community and
their Vipers family.

by Beverley James

TOPOCK ELEMENTARY'S TEACHING TEAM wishes all of the parents,
guardians, friends, neighbors, and supporters of our school a
wonderful Christmas and a thriving New Year.  On a daily basis we
recognize the support you provide, and we feel the effort you put forth to
help our students, your children. Our little school is a special place in
the world of 2012. We are all fortunate to be a part of this team, this
school and this community. We are honored to be your children's
teachers. We strive to help the children  find that personal door to
success. We are very aware we could not do that without you.
Student of the Quarter: Miguel Campos

Math: Dyron Miller and Brooklyn Ahern
Reading: Emmy Jacquard, Kahyla Mosley, and William
Most Improved in Phonics: Kylie Wallace

First Grade
Math: Tristan Hewlett
Reading: Madison Luecke, Austin McDow, Dage
Langdoc,Jadin Ahern
Writing: Joanna Campos
Most Improved Speller: Havana Ramsey

Second Grade
DIBELS Awards: Kevin Chance, Wyatt Zercher
Most Improved Speller: Hailey Burns
Academics: Johnny Skinner, Haven Bliss
Reading: Anthony Trifero, Abby Gustafson

Third Grade
Handwriting: Shawn James
DIBELS Awards Damon Jacquard, Shawn James, Tyler
Skinner, John Hunt
Reading: Calvin
Math: Codie Wallace

Fourth Grade
Honor Roll: Isabella Rozsa, Megan Schaupp, Sam
Evans, Kelli Rasmussen, Katelyn Bowen
Reading: J.J. Lukens, Micah Zeller
Math: Michel Trifero, Matt Potter, Colby Gustafson

Fifth Grade
Academic Excellence: Taylor York, Melissa Woodruff,
Hailey Eldridge, Destiny Dominguez

Sixth Grade
Kolby Dowling, Colby Areola, Mitchell Brown, Michael
Fulks, Jason Gautier,

Seventh Grade
Academic Excellence: Bailey Thornton, Miraih Herrera,
Gena Sandoval, Tony Gorum, Jacob Caudillo, Kaitlyn

Eighth Grade
Academic Excellence: Dakota Brown, Shannon Brown,
Alex Dowling, Jared Eldridge, Breanna Paul, Mary
Potter, Jose Serrano, Allyson York

Principal’s Awards
William Robinson, Jadin Ahern, Johnnie Skinner, Sophia
Rozsa, Megan Burns, Elexis Walker, Kellie Mills, Ivett
Serrano, and Alex Dowling