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At Topock Elementary School, we are committed to building a learning community of responsible citizens who have a passion for learning through an integrated curriculum. Education is partnership among parents, students, staff, and our neighboring community. We committed to providing a safe, respectful and academically rigorous environment. Student will learn through inquiring and collaboration, with the use of innovative strategies and technology to demonstrate mastery. We will celebrate as a community, take pride in our successes, and seek continuous improvements.


DEC 21st & 22nd

Christmas Concert @ 1pm at 12/22 @ 10am

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Are you doing a research project? Do you know where to look and how to find what you need?
Think About the BIG 6!!
  1. Define your task and decide what questions you need to answer about the topic.
  2. Decide where you will look for the information.
  3. Locate your information.
  4. Use your resources and information to answer your questions.
  5. Organize your research–Use an outline or thinking map
  6. Evaluate what you have written.

Need a better explanation? This YouTube video can help

Conducting an Internet Search
Start your search by using a safe search engine. For example: KidRexGoogle Kidsor Ask Kids.
When researching a topic it is important to gather information that is credible. What does it mean to have credible information? Information that is credible will be found on a website that is well known and you will be able to find the same information on more than one website.
When collecting information from the website do not write exactly what was written. Put the information into your own words.
Write down ALL the places you collected information so you can create a bibliography.
You can find a list of internet based search engines by going to the Staff tab and selecting Specialists from the drop down menu. Look under Library for a document titled Online Research Resources ​and download.



First Things First
A child’s most important developmental years are those leading up to kindergarten. First Things First is committed to helping Arizona kids five and younger receive the quality education, healthcare and family support they need to arrive at school healthy and ready to succeed. Visit their website for more information: AZFTF.GOV

Child Find
The intent of Child Find is that all children from birth through age 21 with delays or disabilities are identified, located and evaluated to receive the supports and services they need. Public schools and the Arizona Early Intervention Program are responsible for “finding” eligible children and providing services needed for them to reach their developmental milestones or meet their educational needs. When children are “found”, they are referred to a specialist to screen their development. The screening helps “identify” any areas of concern that need to be evaluated further. In order to receive early intervention or special education services, a child must be evaluated to confirm they have a delay or disability that falls under state definitions. If needed, the child is evaluated using state criteria for specific delays or disabilities. If eligible, the Arizona Early Intervention Program or a public school system will offer early intervention or special education services according to the child’s needs.

Family Services
* Early intervention supports and services assist families of children who are eligible by helping children ages Birth to three years develop to their full potential. In Arizona, early intervention services are provided through the Arizona Early Intervention Program (or AzEIP).

* Preschool special education services for children ages 3 to 5 provide special strategies to help children reach their developmental milestones.

* Special education services for school-aged children in kindergarten through the age of 21 provide specialized instruction and services to assist children in the educational environment. To reach Arizona Child Find, click here Arizona Coordinator.


K-12 Student Accident Insurance

Is your child covered by a high-deductible employer plan? If you have to pay hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in order to meet your deductible, the K-12 Accident insurance plan can reimburse you for your children’s eligible medical expenses as you continue to work toward meeting the deductible on your employer plan. Enroll Now!

The McKinney-Vento Act: Parent/Student Rights

Arizona public schools shall provide an educational environment that treats all students with dignity and


Attorney General Terry Goddard

Gives advice to parents and children about safe Internet use. “Kids no longer need muscles to bully and torment their peers. Young people can use Web sites, smart phone, text messaging and other cyberspace options to harass, threaten or ridicule.” He also points out that children need protection from Internet predators. He invites parents to take a look at the free Internet monitoring service provided by the National Crime Prevention Council.


Student & Parent Handbook

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